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Brapp Beat by @badhabitz: "Sb Beat"

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dosgringos Siiick beat!!!

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chesterp @badhabitz

hank_hiller Fire

tomryan Imagination conquers all!! Big up man!

badhabitz Big ups man, made my day! Smashed it

ghosttownbeats yyyyyeeeeeeah!!!!

eightysix AFT resurected

golden_nine Straight thuggin

morgz Yesi chez,you dun bodied all the breeze chatting idiots spouting Foolishness for real mate

skemezy But u need to understand the intelligence in simplicity not all bout wordplay nice lyrics tho

lowlife True talk bruv people got no imagination!!

budzggg rahhh

lrd Fire

marston Can’t help but be inspired

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Imaginary Thug Life Pt.1
Beat by badhabitz
This is for all those fake thugs that lack imagination, if your gonna lie you may as well make it interesting,... read more


chesterp @badhabitz

5stageneral Always massive!!! Shit I remember vibing to your monster freestyles back in my teens a #mudlumz Camden lock. Most respect due!!

tomryan All hail the King!!! Crazy

rev_records Chessmonster

ghosttownbeats badman

gramsofdroe Nobody more to the point than Chester! Real talky talk!

knrs Went in!!!

golden_nine Thug life


spidalee He went in differently one of UK God fathers of hip hop

onelion_sound Yes chess!

dizraeli I carry guns as big as fuckin lampposts... Gave me a proper chuckle to start the day. Big big ups.

hammerhead333 Always speaks the truth. Absolute poet. A legend of UK rap!!

sosouthern Ayyyy man like chester


missmiakang Oh my

ayahmarar Dope

asherd The King returns.

blksn Goose bumps! Big up!

djvadim U still one of da best Chester! Mad respect

chesterp @djvadim cheers vadski

nikimukhi Standardly smashing it!

adibanti Chesrteeeeeerrrrrrrrrr

cecilmcfarrell @chesterp big up. I bought mftc vol. 1 on cd. Your verses on 'it's over' I thought were the dopest ever. Recently bought mftc 5 ( online) and holy moly! Blessings to you & Farms.. "All I wanna do is to be you"

lowlife Sick!!!

futurarhymez Yes!!!!! Oh my fucking god the flow and delivery off every lyric on here is just insane! @chesterp huge respects! How haven't I seen this!

grjoemusic Wow you went in

biskone Chester is the king

duggibeats Chess monster!!


notesproducer Sick!

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lrd This is fucking hard bro! Killed this.

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witnessmc Killaaaa as always fammo!!


renzeeno Hard

sontwisted monster

zealous1 I love the build up and deliveries

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ahurumazda Good business fam

mkthesensaigora YES

foreignbeggars sick

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casualness Kenton


casualness Ha multiple takes -same same vibes

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The side chick
Beat by badhabitz
Beat was crazy big up!!


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5stageneral #wesallen yo jump on this beat bruv... Show em how the #ILL BREED do this!

badhabitz Smashed it man,!!

wesallen Siiiiiiiicknesssssssss

tomryan Yes Greef! Killer bro! Big up champ

markie4eyez 5 star

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majorbuzz You'd get buzzed all day