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Brapp Beat by @lrd: "Cartel"

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_grizzly_barnes I got a verse for this bro tomorrow !!

lrd @_grizzly_barnes I look forward to brother. I've just added your Soundcloud.

_grizzly_barnes Only my really old stuff on there dude - 6 years ago - got some new work in the pipeline though

lrd @_grizzly_barnes Okay, no worries. I'll look out for your bars tomorrow.

verbo Yo this beat is heavy any chance I could use this on my upcoming EP bro?

lrd @verbo Its been taken by someone already bro. I can send you some other stuff over though. Check my Soundcloud.

verbo Bless G! Will do

mskal waouu respect to you

lrd Thanks

marston This is so dope brother

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ptredeyez Nice beat @lrd got hyped seeing you're on here. I know you'll bring them fire beats

koryus SO GOOD ! big up man !

ptredeyez @koryus

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lrd killed this brother!

ptredeyez Big ups!!!

_grizzly_barnes @ptredeyez @lrd thank you sirs - much respect

miccalibre Sick

chinaski this is real shit!!

lxp phew. freestyle?

_grizzly_barnes No freestyle a little written I did for the beat

_grizzly_barnes @miccalibre thank you bro @chinaski thank you sir! @lxp ^^^^

lrd Still bumping this! Need another one soon bro

_grizzly_barnes @lrd soon bro I'm working on a track for a video on YouTube

docskeng This is dope, check out my beats and follow me back, peace!

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lrd Everytime!



rexhuey Hard g

zicoofficial Bless up!

shotgunshell Flooooow


ixist Ziiico bro!!!

marston Dope whatโ€™s the beat called , been scrolling for days ?

lrd @marston beats called โ€˜cartelโ€™ bro.

zicoofficial Optional("")@ixist Yes my g!!!

marston Optional("")@lrd thank you brother , glad was reposted , sick beat and your catalogue is full of gems, bless up

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Few Hip Hop ones
Beat by lrd
Big ups to lrd showing love everytime, only right I blessed one of your beats! cartel is hard! #HipHop #Beat... read more



gowsk_nw @lrd Hard on the production, angry beat!

kyu_tracks Sick.

starseedbeats Dope work !

gowsk_nw @kyu_tracks @starseedbeats Respect to both of you

starseedbeats You're welcome man ! I just email you

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Roll About on the Floooor
Beat by lrd
@Lrd this beat is godly! Big ups sir


nonsprod boom

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My video drop
Beat by lrd
Go search Cop Me Some Loud on YouTube or visit


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lrd each & every time.

eightysix CREATIVITUS is rife tonight enit

3mb4 @eightysix true dat


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Beat by lrd
#HarQ #cOc #quadrivium #fridayfeeling : go check out my YouTube subscribe to see full songs I go dose to #brapp...



mskal you kill them man......

kyu_tracks Too sick!

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lrd Large

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ptredeyez Men at work!!! Finally you're on board!! Dirty spitter

lrd Dope!

mskal nice flow

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lastdisciple @lrd

lrd Yes bro. Killed it

lastdisciple lol cheers bruv sick beat

lrd We need to get some more done. This one was dope

lastdisciple deffo

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geebag Big man perspective! Heavy

stretchmc King

viking Seriously dope

eightysix Appreciated @viking big up for the RP

sicksixet Yh this is dope

eightysix Nice one @sicksixet

eightysix RESOECTANGLE to @geebag @lrd & to @stretchmc (BRAPP ADDICTED) for real

kaligrafi Fire g! Mad wordplay

eightysix I appreciate that @kaligrafi

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lrd Thanks bro! This is fire.

emceegoldy Word brother! Dope beats your pushing, if you wanna hear me make tracks out of any your beats and circulate them around Aus hit me up with a few options and I'll see what I can create..

lrd Yeah no worries. What's your email?

emceegoldy cheers bro

emceegoldy @lrd you got any beats you could send me bro? I'm keen to try make some tracks for a mix tape

lrd Yeah man. I'll try and get some stuff sent over to you tomorrow.

emceegoldy Sick bro thanks, flick any you think you thinks would suit, so far all your beats are dope @lrd

lrd @emceegoldy just emailed you bro.

emceegoldy @lrd much love brother! Got one track down emailed you tonight see what ya reckon!

lrd Yes bro. I'll check that later. Need some fresh brapp bars from you man!

emceegoldy Yeah word! I've been caught up with work and family you know, that daily grind.. See what I can bust bro keep and eye out. @lrd

lrd Yeah I feel that.

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Beat by lrd
Is what it is



cheeze Thanks bro @ird the beat its self is hard is there a extended version anywhere ?

lrd @boychedda check my soundcloud. Loads on there

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lrd respect brother. Killed it!

liamgreenmusic Respect @lrd @quantumatics


liamgreenmusic @fredmerky

docskeng Yes! Big, LRD is dope too!

liamgreenmusic Respect @scragdiggy

lrd Still bumpin this! Need to get you on another one bro!