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Brapp Beat by @ded_tebiase: "the 10 back sack & crack commandments"

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threedee Hey what's good man!! I'm an artist from New Jersey i fuck with your sound alot!! I feel like our styles would compliment each other really well and I'd love to work with you on a whole collab project I feel like we could come up with something really dope! Please get back to me as soon as you can @ded_tibiase If you're not comfortable talking on here you can email me at peace man


jwalks BS&C

budhoundz Damn this is next level man

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robcave Bedford-Stuyvesant

Beat by ded_tebiase
I got shit to do but let me BRAPP instead


raad Loosie

ded_tebiase wooooiiiii

saulthesame this though

hollyflo G

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bigmungz Portsmouth
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equalmeasure Dope!!