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Brapp Beat by @budabapbeats: "Puck Fence"

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budabapbeats Chicago

mac616 Keep grinding

budabapbeats @mac616 Thanks bro you too

mckillerpagan Love this beat.

budabapbeats @mckillerpagan thanks bro appreciate you using it

mckillerpagan @budabapbeats no worries bro. Keep them coming.

Videos on Puck Fence

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_hansolo_ London


_hansolo_ @mcase

mcase @_hansolo_ do you have soundcloud?

_hansolo_ @mcase no I don’t

michelleward Always a great vocal x

ayonation You have super star attributes. Let’s make music !

_hansolo_ @michelleward thank you

_hansolo_ @ayonation haha thanks

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mckillerpagan Peterborough

budabapbeats Yo

mckillerpagan @budabapbeats thanks bro

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mckillerpagan Peterborough


mckillerpagan @lydonw78 what’s funny

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steel Kyiv
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budabapbeats Dope brother

goodbrodatv @budabapbeats

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GSUS Krighst
Beat by budabapbeats
Sky dive without a parachute and ill catch you. Pinky proniae


budabapbeats Nice one

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budabapbeats Ay cheers for choosing my beat. It sounds like something is interfering with your mic like keys or the zipper on your jacket. Also I couldn’t quite hear some sentences because they were kinda slurred. Keep practicing tho bro

ghost_producer Thank You so Much For the Feed Back, ill keep at it bro , yea probably my hoodie and rings , ill bear tht in mind next time