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Brapp Beat by @agzillabeats: "BUCKAROO"

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Make of it what you will... Zz. #agzilla #deckwrecka #hiphop


futurarhymez Funkyyyy shit noiceee man!

agzillabeats Thanx bro. Appreciate it, just need some lyrics on some of these now... One Love. Zz.

grimson Nice

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agzillabeats Yes!! That was dope to hear... Thanx for jumping on the beat.. Would love to hear the whole tune!!! #bars Zz.


eightysix Yeeeeeeeeah

keiranmerrick Yes

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nightpro Sound a little like Lily Allen

agzillabeats Love that! Sounds really good... Wish it was a whole song!!! Thank You. Zz. #talent

mskal nice swing.....

fionajane Thanks @agziillabeats love the beat!

fionajane Thanks @mskal :)

agzillabeats If you ever want the longer version or wanna send vocals for it.. Just let me know.. I'm looking for colabs for possible Universal Publishing project.. #opportunity Thanx. Zz.

fionajane @agzillabeats yes, definitely. Would love to. My email is f.hamilton8@icloud@com

agzillabeats Very cool, I'll send you the track when I get back home.. I'll also explain about this project etc.. Thanx. Zz.

agzillabeats Email sent. Lemme know you got it.. Thanx. Zz.

vicebeats Hey, this is lovely! Please check out my beats, I think you'll like them :-)

fionajane Thank you! @starseedbeats

rebelaca Beautiful tone in your voice. So nice.

sizezero Lovely smokey tone to your voice!!!

eightysix @nightpro nah she has her own sound .

docskeng Sick voice! Check my beats and follow back pdase

secondsout Love the funky vibes! Great vox too!

calmdowncolin So good!

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agzillabeats Nice... thanx for making the vid... Zz.

deadott ill flow

adah @agzillabeats beats wavey

adah @deadott respect

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