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Brapp Beat by @jayorient: "Come Correct"

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jayeff Beat after beat, jheeeez!

jayorient @jayeff

browne This is fucking quality, banggggaaaa

ketalak cool

jayorient Appreciate it @browne @ketelak

nickyswamp murder

ideenoire woooow

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BrappTag Burger & Chips
Beat by jayorient
Big ups to #novarflip for tagging me in shout outs to #brapptag #illaman you're up next!


raad dope

3mb4 sick!!!

psyke Slick Flow! #brapptagisonfire

iamsites Like the flipping at the beginning word up!

koryus Lourd Lourd !!!!

danieldan So FLY! Up next is @illaman !!

polymath Jeeeeeeez nano thermite

mskal nice flow ......

caravanerecords Sick

jazzychavo big up!

migprod Great flowwww

nebula_beatz Tcheck my beat ! =)

helzs Damn you rock

adibanti Yesssssss

pyne Flame

mrreem Ur good! Tchek my beats. Big up

viking Woi! Serious Tekkers!

milver Nice variations of flow in there. Loving the Multis you chose too. Real fuckin good

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mortalaero Nice bars man

kayncee Big up dude

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Beat by jayorient
Ima use all these forgotten verses to remind y'all I can still rap haha @brapp @foreignbeggars @mphazes #hiphop... read more


connorjones @calcifer yes cunt so glad you're here

jayorient Aye! Killed it bruh

connorjones @jayorient one love homie! Appreciate it

slowz Bro! That was crazy! Nice1

helzs You fuckin rock

deem dope flow

connorjones @shadow @helzs @deem thanks homies

helzs Check my beat could be fun!

keiosxlek crazyyy floooww ... Nice !!

b_clever @connorjones bro, flows are heavy. Feel free to bless a beat of mine

chylez Very nice bro, you killed it, maybe one day on one of my beats

smugglermc Freak

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