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Brapp Beat by @physiks: "Pera"

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User @physiks's avatar

tomryan Shit man this is HEAVY!!

leafdog thts dope\

ceewhy Niceness

dosgringos Sick!

cecilmcfarrell This tune's seriously sick. Big up

newancients @physiks Dopeness

Videos on Pera

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silverback Woooah.

physiks Killed it brother! All 3 times!! Bless.

oozhe FIRE!!!

grillo Great stuff!!

2shy The don

badhabitz Too much g, and that physiks beat!!! Woiii!!!

challis_uk Illy combo! Big ups

3mebeatz Yes P

themez Straightttt up and down!!! Bodied!!!!

andyphylum chesssssss MONSTER so much love man


leafdog fire!

lafferdog New album?


skillmitchell Pow!

taiwo Mad excited for the album bro! This is FIRE!!!!!

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shotstoppa shouts to physiks on the beat. Madness. Peace


shotstoppa @knrs yo. thanks. Safe for checking it. Peace

eightysix Big .

shotstoppa @eightysix peace

leen This is very serious!!!

shotstoppa @leen Bless up!!

crypmindbeats Dope

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Back Street Scribblers
Beat by physiks
Big up @physiks the guys fucking ill wid it beats and bars


raad Barsss

User @chesterp's avatar

The Lowdown Pt.1
Beat by physiks
Part one, I would really like more time my bars don't like being cut off big up physiks, heavy beat!


tomryan God damn!! Respect man,

leafdog shit... im hyped for that new chess album


lafferdog Can't get enough of this

jives Jheeez. Your favourite rapper is a rabbit in my abattoir

cecilmcfarrell Big ups chess. mftc til infinity

citizenk @chesterp Quality and beyond chess u monster

lowlife Lost chess monster haha

trauma74 One of the illest.

User @chesterp's avatar

eightysix ClostraFLOWbic " Noah's ark

andyphylum Woooooooohooooo Chester no one else can do it like Chester!!!

illaman Chesssssssssata

whiteyboymush Go on ches

lafferdog I missed this shit

cecilmcfarrell Older than a soda stream

lowlife Smoke anoth green tho my teens to keep yoda green awesome have you got this out on cd #chesterp

kyu_tracks Damn!

User @theory's avatar
theory Melbourne

theory @physiks good to jump on one of your beats again man. shit is flames

User @prysds's avatar


challis_uk Heavy. Big ups

physiks Yes Yes Henry, Big Up!

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tomryan Smashed it man!


jyager My g

jyager Dope

mrchisti Sick!

marston I’m a fan bro, mad talent

User @themez's avatar

nikimukhi Sick!

3mebeatz Dope

chesterp Yeah brother it's that real talking!

tomryan Hard!

physiks dope, big up!

kompoze Heavyweight !

andyphylum Yes yes theme! Dope bro

dosgringos Yooo that was some absolute right there!! Respect

genghisdaze Damn them bars!!!!!

jyager so dope

marston That fucking I’ll

User @cwjones's avatar

raad Yes mr jones

physiks sick mate!

illuminative Dope

mazemusic hey man, you got skills! that old school flow, pffff, dope!

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gramsofdroe PoW! Big up to Jimmy Dubs reppin #ValFam!

User @lastdisciple's avatar

lastdisciple one of my favourite little five minute bar sessions

User @eightysix's avatar

eightysix @physiks my elder liked this so he jumped on it . He got hardly any teeth in he's gums. but still hold heat in the slumz

djevidenz I swear u should belong in triple darkness sometimes

insight Yes!


User @cecilmcfarrell's avatar

Starving Artist (first Verse)
Beat by physiks
First verse for a track I've written with We Wore Walkmans over @physiks beat #ukhiphop ##Glastoraps #mancaveverse


cecilmcfarrell @duncelectric thanks man. Appreciated

casablanca This is dope!

cecilmcfarrell @caseyjones cheers man.

ninthletta BOOM!

eightysix PROPPA .

cecilmcfarrell @ninthletta yeah boyee

cecilmcfarrell @eightysix safe bro. Mudfamalm


cecilmcfarrell In icthey towwn

stnmn Smashed it b

cecilmcfarrell @stoneman thanks man

slowz Hard g

cecilmcfarrell @shadow cheers g