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Brapp Beat by @ukdistinction: "Intergalatic Grime. 1"

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Intergalatic Grime. 1
Just fucking about basically... Is what it is innit.


ukdistinction @illaman @foreignbeggars woi oiii

ukdistinction #grime

ayahmarar Dope.

ukdistinction @yaya yes yes Ayah!

ayahmarar YES FAM let's werk!

ukdistinction @yaya yo i wanna hear what u got for this beat! Brapp thaaaat guuuurl!

ayahmarar Hold tight I'ma eat my 'totty and holler atchu! @ukdistinction

ukdistinction @yaya look forward to it

knrs This is madness!

ukdistinction @knrs thanks man!

ukdistinction @saskilla #saskilla

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foreignbeggars This mother fucker!!!!!! Fuckin hard bruh..


ukdistinction @incstar woi oiiii got another one for you on the page!

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ukdistinction @maticmouth woooi duppied that mate! U still speak with Mr.Mcclure?

maticmouth @ukdistinction Ez boss!! Beats pure filth, I'm feeling it! I do occasionally but I don't see him no where near as much as I use too! You know how it is! How's things, keeping busy?

ukdistinction @maticmouth ah thanks man I appreciate that! U beat that tune up mate! Seen you in the Coco video too yesterday. Good to see you lot reppin! Yeah man Im just knocking few Grime beats out at the mo think Ive found my calling! Haha!

maticmouth @ukdistinction yeah man I think Sheff is finally getting it...slowly but surely! Grime?? Sick, send some stuff let us hear it! I know a couple people that could do with linking up with u as well as myself! I'll holla you on Twitter I'm sure I'm following ya!