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Brapp Beat by @percyfilth: "The lost Arcade"

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sinzae This ride

percyfilth @sinzae big up mayn

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trademarkblud Hadley

beeunreal illlllllllllllll

marston Dope brother

trademarkblud @beeunreal biggups

trademarkblud @marston nice one


percyfilth Dope.

trademarkblud @raad

trademarkblud @percyfilth fiya beats 4 days bro.

doluxbeatz louuuuurd

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Fear of change๐Ÿค”
Beat by percyfilth
Mad respekaa!! Going out to @percyfilth on thsi groovy futuristic beat just had to find a flow to go on this! And i... read more


percyfilth Dope.

futurarhymez @percyfilth big respect man! Illy beat!!

klandestyne Dope bang on it rhyme :)

futurarhymez @klandestyne thanks a lot dad