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Brapp Beat by @jayeff: "Foolish Wit"

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lucast @Jayeff

vard sheeeiit got me swaying on a wednesday morning

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jayeff Shellin it down as per man, respect

mskal Big up dude....

dotz @jayeff respect fambo! @mskal big ups bro!

nato Yeah man your sick

raad sick guy

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lrd Dope

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mskal nice flow ......

lrd Killed it.


jayeff Jheeeeeese! Killed it


quantumatics What a beat @jayeff

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Old verse driving home from work
Beat by jayeff
Hip hop, boombap, Canberra rap, def con 4play, chingada


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jayeff Big uuup!

mcsubliminal Safe geez beats mad!

vard Jheeze man