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Brapp Beat by @litework: "Temple"

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hip-hop boombap


2heavy So dope.

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User @kaligrafi's avatar

joeshire yesss akif, went innnnn!

verbo Wooooiii oii!! Beast!!!

saulthesame hardhardhard

raad yes yes

ptredeyez BIG!!!! Sick man shit!! You got a mix cd?

oab sick

kaligrafi big up peoples! @ptredeyez thanks g I'm working on a few things at the mo but not got anything out yet

lrd dope

budhoundz Siiiiiiick!!!!!

dosgringos Crazy Bruv!

slowz Sick g

chesterp That was fucking heavy bro! Big up!

kaligrafi @chesterp many thanks g! Means a lot coming from you big up!

sweettoothinnit hard

slowz Top work g! Seamless

chie yo yo g this is dope g love the name fam.. im part of moonrock boogie ... whats moonrunners ??