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Brapp Beat by @genghisdaze: "Midnight Sun *Instrumental"

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cjburns @raad big up

genghisdaze Wow! You stepped up big time here Cj

cjburns One love my man that beat you produced is smooth as big up! only better things to come

rach Great tune you’re getting better as you do more

cjburns @genghisdaze how's you brother? I can't get over that beat that is some funky ass shit big up man brilliant! Keep up making those funky ass QuickTime Beats

bgfrecords Dope stuff! We want to bring you some value, DM us on insta @bgfrecords!

sts10 Check out my beats bro..!!

sts10 Try my beats bro..!! Thanks

cjburns @bgfrecords alright bro I haven't got insta? And DM? Hah mans clueless

bgfrecords Optional("")@cjburns email us then on

cjburns Yeah cool as