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Brapp Beat by @harvsletoad: "RICH SOULS"

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kinetiks Sick

marston Optional("")@kinetiks big up bro🙏

larry That’s the sort of rap I listen to nice one

marston Optional("")@larry bless ups brother ✌️🙏

marston Optional("")@larry big up brother🙏👊✌️

txry_dee Baaarrrzzz!! 🔥

marston Optional("")@txry_dee 🙏✌️

gold1ne BARZ!!

marston Optional("")@gold1ne ty brother 🙏

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nil Kyiv

pashamo Йо!

nil Ё!

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harvsletoad Bear Road settings

alleydarklight heavyyyy lourdd bruhhh i repost it

larry Optional("")@alleydarklight thanks mate :)

larry Optional("")@harvsbeats sick beat innit

4phit bars

nibero You live in Brighton mate? I'm a producer looking to colloborate with someone :)

larry send beats if u like we can go to some open mics or sonething

nibero Awesome man, I'm gonna finish up one I'm making and will hopefully send it to you this week thanks! :)

nibero Just sent an email man!

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harvsletoad 💥💥💥

thomasgramkin Optional("")@harvsbeats thank you

ar4_official Красавчик)))

thomasgramkin Optional("")@ar4_official спасибо огромное)