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Brapp Beat by @leafdog: "tour tape"

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tour tape
who got skillz..... im watching


akedogg Leafdog check what I did

mrprefect @leafdogg i only got android cuz, is there another way i can get my bars to ya?

mozaic check it leafy

mozaic got 2 diff attempts on this beat, rating it

jimmyhighlife here's my verse man got another as well

Videos on tour tape

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datavelli @leafdog

dosgringos Salute!

reemremi Trill

hank_hiller Big up lorax

percyfilth Yes maayt.

leafdog bang bang!

viciouscreep !!!!!!!!!!!!

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psyke flooding brapp today people! #hiphopforlife #brapptag Love your work @foreignbeggars


bricks Large up

ukmillz Dunn know. Flames as usual

legitjuice Big ups that was dope

pyne Kills it !

hfnr ooo shit killed it fam



youthstar On as always bro! Gonna throw up my first vid tomorrow

frecklesbxtch_ Jheeeeeeeezus

3mb4 madmannnn

cape Muy bueno shurmano!

leafdog jeeezzzzzzeee

kingpin Is that frosted perspex or Glaciall. All I know is it's of the Asylum Speakers and its

foreignbeggars one take

boombapfestival One of the illest

keiosxlek baaaannngg !!!!!!

jaksunboombap Vintage

koryus big up !

rebelaca Man you have so much cut in your voice it's incredible. Slicing through the sound like a samurai sword. All those days ago you smash a verse through my headphones at a squat party now I squat and squint and can barely see the heights you've found. ...... Nice !!

futurarhymez Absolutely Wicked verse! massive respect on the follow! @foreignbeggars

jayt jheeeeze!!!!!

jayt Jheeeeze!!!!

elhawk Was just in at play da record in Toronto they r still carrying your record. Store owner loves you guys out here(Toronto)

renzeeno Ayyyw fam u never dissapoint flows nuts

ludwigvandub wooow yeaaaah

mazemusic master!

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shayd Quick ting on a @leafdog beat bigup

offthericta Too sick!!

adibanti Flow!

majorbuzz Nice nice

seandeanartist Dope !!!

jrokkamusic lush vocal style, and serious flow sista

shayd Bless!

jayprophit nice flow

benjammin Bars. That on a track?

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jyager You're amazing

jyager Big up @alia this is dope

jyager @alia email me on the email that's on my page..

hank_hiller Dope!

babasnook Love it

firedog nice voice!!! would like to hear you flow it a bit differently :P <3

whiteyboymush Nice

ninthletta holy shit you got skills!

vicebeats dope as ever Alia!

duggibeats jheez!

alphamemphis im diggin this sound for real !!!

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Beats as meditation
Beat by leafdog
Big ups Leaf Dog on the beat. Fews slips in there but fairly fresh written so yeah Peace and Love yooo


sublingual My g big ups

danstayspeak @sublingual safe bro

tomfunnell Madness

danstayspeak @tomfunnell I see you my g bless

rampinyb Levels

danstayspeak @rampinyb all love my g

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RIP Stan Lee freestyle
Beat by leafdog
I always wanted super powers growing up reading marvel comics. Stan Lee’s comics inspired me to be great and to... read more



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Other Side
Beat by leafdog
Wrote this when I couldn't sleep. @leafdog


walton #new #hiphop #uk

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eightysix There ya go #brapptagg by mc CHARMAN NAHGUY Keep it MOVIN mad offa sickness can I getta witness .


eightysix Yes @embaone your in . Pick a beat n speak tag a next bod and done

3mb4 done fam

danieldan We BE rollin! Much respect @eightysix MONGO!

eightysix All good @danieldan told @foreignbeggars this cypher thing would work

djevidenz Fill you up like a taco. Lmao. Yes man

eightysix You think this is @djevidenz go check the madness I was gettin up to on insta @m.o.n.g.o

shotgunshell This bangs so hard!

eightysix Thanks @shellyskrufayce I appreciate

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jaymilky010 Welcome to use my beats g

weaver Safe man I'll Check em out

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thefilthybarkid This is fire!


barz Aaaaaah

alphamemphis Nuff raspect my g

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stretchmc Geeza.... Stop it!

youthstar Crack me up


bricks dude fire.

cptcletus Haha BADMAN


david_amelei Haha siiiiiick

viciouscreep jheeeeez.....dope

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bankboy London

gold1ne More of the ill!!

bankboy Big up famalam!

jayprophit ill shit

kaynashar Big fam you ready to do this got tune that needs you me and my brother to jump on asap I got studio and we in talks with grime daily wat area you in I'm in west London g and by the way promised is sound but I sing window wen I'm doing fuck all so it's defo my type of soul and my favourite tune on brapp lol

bankboy @kaynashar wow! That's a big compliment fam... safe my g! I'm in south east... Lewisham sides b!

kaynashar Yes g all good just being real most people got bad taste on brapp lol I see a few gems on ere and ur one of dem wat day you free I used to kick it with lee high road dons in the day lol yh fam looking to put something out quickly for charity you 3 tomorrow

bankboy @kaynashar I hear that! Safe broda! I'm minutes away from lee high road lol... I could do tomorrow... where and what time?

kaynashar Well I will book studio for tomorrow and talk to my guy and give you a time g

bankboy @kaynashar klkl talk soon

kaynashar My email

kaynashar Yh tomorrow is good wat time can u get to me g

kaynashar Studio is in Dollis Hill jubilee line straight train from London Bridge

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Get Down over a Leaf Dog beat!
Beat by leafdog
Kicked a few lines from a verse that i wrote 2 week's ago for my upcoming mixtape. The songs called Get Down. Like... read more


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boneintell Mexico City
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pyne Central Coast
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mrmumbles Massive potential man, loving it

mojo Brapp!!

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cptcletus Like these bars man... Illy!

jyager @rinsulin ill bro big up g

tots Nice man real too

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natonortheast Newcastle upon Tyne
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Wes Allen - Walk With Me Freestyle
Beat by leafdog
Sick beat from @leafdog I been a fan from time love da four owls movement for real! #strugglerap #lol


markie4eyez The engine pumps out rhymes

wesallen Yes Markie hit em wit that

leafdog respect my g

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Loui Da Phink
Beat by leafdog
Shouts to #leafdog on the beat. Loui Da Phink dropping a quick flex #uk #ukhh #bars


cptcletus @leafdog

dosgringos Fire!!

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lastdoghung Niiice bars! Feeling that mate

nikimukhi The only beat would be he one I rap on

ukmillz Thanks appreciated @nikimukhi @lastdoghung

apukrapper Bro you're sick

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dosgringos That was dope

yorkz Respect bro, full tunes here

hendaddywhirl Bad man! tell them "shut up fam!"

vard Bars

sonnyjim Sick

illuminative Haha this is dope

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onelion_sound This

asherd Boom!Ting

jayeff Jheeeeze!

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Hip Hop Freestyle Check It
Beat by leafdog
Hip hop slick trickz Cardiff London


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dosgringos Arrrrrrd!!

djlok Gwan bruv!!!

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jaycmcr #tourtape @leafdog

mssoulstress Love it

jaycmcr #boombap #oldschool