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Videos on Ivy Lab - Planebeats by critical_music

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zarahjones beautiful voice!!!


raqueldivar Ugh!! You crush it every time!!! Would love to collab w/ you!!

dreagalaxy That would be super dope @raqueldivar ! Thank you sis! Gonna keep u in mind

raqueldivar hollr if your feelin it! Got mad beats rn and I can send you some demos of new stuff

miccalibre Killed it! Respects

koryus I love you !!!!! so nice !!!!

dreagalaxy Thank u so much! @koryus @miccalibre

dreagalaxy @critical_music can I record on this?

djevidenz You've killed it the best

djevidenz Wow just wow. I feel 18 again with the way you sing

dreagalaxy @djevidenz thank u so muchhh!!!

mckoutbiggaman Hello girl, I would like play with you one of those days! Where do you live?!

dreagalaxy @mckout I'm in London! You mean ply uas in Instruments?

sereouszbeats Jeeeeeeeeeeeeez


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alphamemphis really diggin your style sheesh killin it!!

eightysix Killa !! PROPPA PROPPA

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eightysix VENTIN FOR THERAPY. Stay safe people .cos people are ready to drag you back to the neggy side when your on posi


eightysix @raad

eightysix Respect @stretchmc for the RP

foreignbeggars Laid em down like the sound of compunded compaction Noooise of rambunction and action.. KO

eightysix nephew was listenin hard @foreignbeggers .

miccalibre Fire

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no napping
Beat by critical_music
Fookin heavy beat by @halogenix a.k.a Ivy Lab little somet I wrote for the album sounding wicked over this enjoy more...


futurarhymez @halogenix massive respect 4 ur music bro especially the nutty dnb!

klandestyne smashed it over this one large ammounts of rispekt to ivy lab for the ill beatz

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lrd Flow father

eightysix @lrd