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Brapp Beat by @daihard: "in key"

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jackiebond dope! want me to kill it?

daihard @jackiebond do your worst bruh πŸ‘

Videos on in key

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drweathers Sams Valley

daihard Can’t wait to get u on the mixtape bro πŸ‘

drweathers @daihard let’s get this together then, and soon

daihard @drweathers trying to get these beats done mate πŸ‘

drweathers @daihard can’t rush talent, take your time - πŸ‘Œ

jdub96 Much love.Country cracker to the tip top

drweathers @jdub96 thanks for the love jdub

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Beat by daihard
Little jazz free style jam


daihard Well.....that was beautiful πŸ”₯

drweathers I really dig your style and your voice is very memorable

michelleward Thank you for the lovely comments πŸ˜€ x

leeh One for that mixtape ☝️πŸ”₯@diahard