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Brapp Beat by @badhabitz: "Atlantic"

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yogi love the little instrument bend at th en dof bars

domin8tion It's hard to kick bad habits!!DOPE

ded_tebiase this is fucking nuts man!!

badhabitz @ded safe donny

Videos on Atlantic

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nikimukhi Dubai

With love to Amjad Ali Khan
Beat by badhabitz
Beat is lovely @badhabitz ... Jamming on a theme by Sarod maestro #amjadalikhan called Raad Durga


lrd Too much!

fdot1 Steeeeeeez...!!!

badhabitz Jheeze!!! Nice man fits real well

nikimukhi Thank guys @lrd @fdot1 and yeah man was just playing when I heard this beat and it got me... Just felt right :)

nikimukhi @ronismusic in the house!!

lebreeze Can still play!

conman2510 Fire keep it up bro

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