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That feeling
Beat by lrd



coryw Optional("")@timeoutbeats thank you broski

seflo i really like your sound. if you're open to collab check out my music at

klotz Yo this is dope

klotz We should Work on something like this as a collab

coryw My g

coryw Optional("")@k_lotz yes we should bro I’ve been trying to find a best like it. Fully I

coryw Optional("")@coryw fully up for a collab @k_lotz

klotz What's best for contact bro?

klotz @lrd have you still got this heat available?

klotz @coryw I got the beat I'm ready when you are bro

coryw Optional("")@k_lotz my brother swing me an email and I will send you my number

coryw Optional("")@k_lotz

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klotz Canary Wharf
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southernquill Nashville
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klotz @coryw

coryw I’m liking that snm let’s get this shit done. I will finish writing the ch today and swing something over

klotz @coryw email sent

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