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Videos on Hourglass by mrconcept

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mrconcept Hombre muy bueno. Me encanta. Mucho respeto. :)

madhu Muchas gracias por tu música!

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subtraxmusic Brv you seriously have some flo!

dirtybuckle Dope flow dude!

sonorous_ @subtraxmusic @dirtybuckle much appreciated

foreignbeggars CRAAAZY BRO!!!! WOOOOII

sonorous_ @foreignbeggars

raad nice

monstermatt Quality

maxta Huge flow

djoserpharaoh Hey brothaaa send me one I'll see if I can vibe with it!

sonorous_ @djoserpharaoh for sure next time I'm in the studio I'm going to send you some stuff


copiusbeats Wicked

rratedmuzik Dope

thingy yessss son!

eightysix PROPPA

marston Love it bro , mad talent, what ends you located bro?

sonorous_ Optional("")@marston currently in Oxford bud a

marston Optional("")@sonorous_ fancy a k

marston Optional("")@sonorous_ fancy a link up? Got a fb account?

sonorous_ To be fair musics not really something I give a lot of energy to these days... Not through choice. I’ve had a bad belt of health of late through type 1 diabetes and stage 4 kidney disease and is all looking abit glum until I at least get a transplant of my kidney AND my pancreas. If I get it and all gos well, then it’s back to business but for now just abit of a waiting game bud. I was in hospital New Year’s Eve I toasted a fucking hot chocolate at midnight Tahnks for reaching out tho family means a lot

sonorous_ @Marston

marston Optional("")@sonorous_ damn bro, sorry to hear your going thru the mill, can’t be a pleasurable experience , I hope the prognosis long term is a good one, and your Soon back on your feet and doing the things you want to be doing, hope you find some comfort bro, and your health allows you to come smash this thing cas you got some mad skills bro, stay blessed bro, I’ll keep listening

sonorous_ @marston Thanks for the support and the spirited words family, it’s greatly appreciated. Yeah taking a step at a time. But I won’t stop fighting I know that much. Too stubborn, true Taurus that i am

marston Bless ups bro , my thoughts go with you bro, and there is hope, my mucka went thru what your going thru , and was lucky enough to find a donor, and is now on he’s now well on he’s road to recovery, it’s not easy, but I get the feeling you’ll keep banging away till your on that Same road, and beyond, big up brother

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#MCNoz2017 Trippy Picture
Beat by mrconcept
#MCNoz2017 i will bring energy to your festival! ill blast off your tits with lyrical percussion. I really hope to... read more


wozzi LARGE

teejemcee so good!

trippypicture @lrd #lrd

nozstock Congratulations you have won MCNoz2017

nozstock #MCNoz2017

nozstock Whats your e-mail?

trippypicture This is amazing news! Thank you #Nozstock my email is Wow I can't believe it!

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Beat by mrconcept
Come on...... have you herd anything as fresh at that this year? Naaaaa G


budabapbeats Haha. Werd! Dope man

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YO! It's JWalks🗣🔥
Beat by mrconcept
MrConcept This Is A Big Big Beat Bars From My Tune 'Snakes' . ... read more


penfoldpoet You murked the riddim

jwalks I thought I was really off on this so I really appreciate that bro @penfoldpoet

penfoldpoet Off is perfect, it shows a beat needs to be made. Beats to the Rhymes

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mrconcept ggreat voice jordan nice one :) :)

jordantwin Thank you,just a little vibe ting Ima have a listen to beats !!

keiosxlek good vibration dude !!


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intuitive Brighton

Intuitive freestyle
Beat by mrconcept
Some older bars and a heavy beat. Follow me on Twitter: @intuitive96


nikimukhi Sick guys @intuitive @mrconcept

intuitive @nikimukhi thank u!!

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equalmeasure Flows!! jump on one of the equalmeasure beats if ya feelin em. Peace.

amfs Fucking bars!!


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mrconcept This is dope man. Sick flow. :)

amfs sick as fuck bro.


sporadicaljax On point bars

larry check the youtube 1m

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equalmeasure Flows !!

patparra Omg bananas!

ambishn Crazy ill....


larry check the youtube 1m

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penfoldpoet London
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penfoldpoet This works well

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mrconcept . Would love to hear a longer version :)


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mrconcept :)

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mrconcept Thats dope man nice one

rezzurect @mrconcept thanks man

thefilthybarkid flow wow