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Brapp Beat by @blair_jacob: "HUSTLER"

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keiosxlek wooowww dope bro !!!

blair_jacob @keiosxlek - cheers bro!

yarkee hi - is there any hance for the full instrumental we are recording a mixtape part 2 let me know

yarkee Please 😂😂

blair_jacob @yarkee - sure no problem. I wrote it for Brapp so it’s only a minute long. If you want I can develop the structure to make it longer. Let me know 👌🏽

yarkee please fo if you could at leadt make the loop 4 min long - also i love you

blair_jacob @yarkee - Just emailed you the instrumental. Look forward to hearing the mixtape ;)

yarkee omg love the way you have arranged it - we will buy the next one!!!

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yarkee Portimão