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Brapp Beat by @lastdoghung: "Clear As Smoke"

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djlethalskillz raadd!

lastdoghung Cheers @lethalskillz !

elhawk Giddy up

lastdoghung @elhawk cheers bro!

raad i dig it

lastdoghung Cheers @raad Had some fun with this one

witnessmc Moment I have a free yard this shits getting smashed!! ILLY!!!

lastdoghung @witnessmc yeah man! Cheers

lastdoghung Cheers for the repost @newancients Appreciate it

witnessmc @lastdoghung its a banger for sure!!

lastdoghung @brapp cheers for repost guys

brapp Banging!

dovandooo @rogue

kusht This is dope as fuck.

lastdoghung @thomasjharriott

kusht Any chance of getting a download of this for my EP dude? @lastdoghung

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lastdoghung Nice!

anonomass Hipster funk no flow that shits gunk delete this track it burns my eyes stop talking with all all yo lies. go cry.



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lastdoghung @witnessmc wooooo!! You killed that my friend

witnessmc @lastdoghung big ups man!! Add me on facebook man witty mcwitness as I want some more links to your ish


spawnzero This is ridiculous! Big up man @witnessmc

witnessmc @spawnzero Big ups g! Search witness MC fubar radio on facebook and watch the part 1 video to catch the next verse ;)

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Re Edit
Beat by lastdoghung
#brapp #16bars #OneTake any feedback most welcome!!!


bgfrecords Damn, nice flow. Wanna bring you some value! Dm us on insta @bgfrecords

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lastdoghung Very nice bars mate! Feelin that

dirtybuckle I like the way the rap builds in intensity. Dope.

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rodmanoriginal Knaresborough

Brain cuts
Beat by lastdoghung
But of the funky stuff with a touch of dirt, enjoy #hiphop #rap #promo #music #twitter @rodmanoriginal



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massabzer Angoulême




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lastdoghung Feelin that @tenton nice bars

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monstermatt Braaaaaappppp