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Brapp Beat by @physiks: "Eye Spy"

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bigshamu Booming

dantisle Liking this one

jdogg Deffo gotta write something on this

devize nice swing bruz

mixeta Hey could I use one of your full beats? I used one of them before “cosmic unity “ on my page, do you charge? What’s your email please? Thank you !! (That’s if you wAnt to hehe)

Videos on Eye Spy

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dantisle Hehe yes bro tight man

djjoec hide ya airmax blud lol

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aubin_picard Nimes
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Beat by physiks
Lil something i made with my improvised car journey lyrics that i tried to make sense of #hiphop#vocalist#singer#brapp#


antidot3 @maddyofficial lets collab on some tracks

doluxbeatz yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

doluxbeatz i love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

stk Heat, let collab!!

anishbeats Wow dope voice.

olghank Beautiful vocals! :)


agzzy Your a proper sick singer. If I need a chorus sung I'm coming straight to you

mpm_producer Dope voice, check out my beats ;) I'm making a compilation of artists ;)

marston So soulful, I doth my

thesinger Wow that’s really good. Great voice

gungato That debut mainstream album...imma need a signed graph from u ma...


tristandawood Love it, love your sound! You got raw talent!

budabapbeats Chills

jackiebond I would fall in love with you if we ever met.

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igir_krs Krasnoyarsk

scrappy Аёу Man, всякие негры в ленте

crooked_cant Шараут шило

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OFf white SKIn
Beat by physiks
Change the way you look at life. Wear glasses


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inovativemc Dover
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bigshamu Glasgow
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percyfilth Dope.

redbeard @percyfilth Thanks famm

raad Boom

redbeard @raad Big up Sir!!


redbeard @mcdannyb Nice1!!

olmanestocolmo Birmingham bringing it

redbeard @olmanedtocolmo Yes Sir #bigup

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crinkbeats Yes mate, we need to cook suhin man feelin this.

2heavy Cheers @crinkbeats, would be good!


2heavy Thanks for the repost @bigshamu!

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nevahrest Powerful!

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mrchisti Perivale


alleydarklight @MRCHISTI