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Brapp Beat by @challis_uk: "Mr Magic"

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jyager Love this....

hank_hiller Yeahh nice crackle

weztax Big, loving this

challis_uk Big ups @jyager @hank_hiller @weztax

oab Bingin!

illuminative G big beat

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hollyflo Bristol

The D
Beat by challis_uk
Challis on D beat, India Kitty on DBVs and Dregs on D Adlibs


bearbeats Real smooth real niiiiiice, u repping bear beats in this too

hollyflo Yes!




harvsletoad sweet jebus. Smoothie dis wunn


raad Haha Yeah holly

lordofciphers Hold tight Bristol! smooth bars

cobes Niceee!!!

doesitmatter fyah!

thingy yes

samthomas Oh maaaa gawshhhhh

orchestraartist This is sickkkkkk

drogbeats Login to Brapp to see my sister on my homepage!

4ambeatz I c u

_chillmode_ Nice

daihard This is fire

dubdiggah Dope

rambler Heavy!!


danmacartist sick!

kaikai1212 Olá

rezen187 Nice flow! Check out my beats

rober Hay

rober Good good

rober Very nice

marston That’s dope!

shustersava Oh God, I fell in love with this blonde!


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jyager @challis_uk

challis_uk Bless bredda! Big ups

jyager @challis_uk bless g.. Beats dope bro

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challis_uk Smashed this one too bro. Respect!

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User @barryquango's avatar
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challis_uk Yeah bro, big 16

bennyzenn @challis_uk let's make music

challis_uk hit me up yo