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Brapp Beat by @baileysbrown: "Gimme That"

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Gimme That
#potentfunk #murderation Get featured on the official remix of 'Gimme' recorded at Potent Funk HQ! 1) Download the... read more


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jackiebond Denver

jackiebond haha...good looks, bb!

baileysbrown Yo what’s good bro, u made the final 3 but we need email addy and Instagram handle to contact u bro

baileysbrown @jackiebond bro u won, hit us up

antidote33 So much for 16th deadline


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lasusz Wrocław
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cheece London
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nuriel Exeter

milver Yuh

lil_biggy Fire

baileysbrown Yes bro big, we want to repost this on our social media but can’t find u on Instagram

nuriel @baileysbrown Yo Bro - my Instagram is ‘mitch2drippy’ big ups!



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docteej Pembroke Dock

Doc TeeJ (Pembrokeshire) - ‘Gimme That’ Entry
Beat by baileysbrown
Large ups to Potent Funk and Brapp TV for a dope Comp once again and baileys brown on a heavy beat #potentfunk... read more


sublingual My G going in

b_ramble yesss g

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hypemansage London

Gimme competition
Beat by baileysbrown
Nice one Mike for tagging me in that post. Banged out a quick 16 for the comp. #stillfresh #brapptv #potentfunk


jackiebond haha...tight!

drweathers Love this! Goofy as fuck! Yes!!

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motman Bristol

motman #Baileysbrown #motman #datkid #dabbla #potentfunk #challenge

motman #stillfresh #potentfunk


slippy Ayy yes bro got notification ain't logged in o this in 3 years...this is heavy might hit this 1 too salute

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los Canada

Gimme that
Beat by baileysbrown
Turns out the my phone only picks up the mic for the left side! #baileysbrown #gimmethat #potentfunk #murdernation... read more


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cunch Bristol

antidote33 Best 1 I seen yet

cunch @antidote33 love bro


cunch @raad bless up G

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bigs Glastonbury

thedampgod went in

bigs @thedampgod safe bro

sublingual Hard g

jackiebond haha...tight style! reminds me of some 'red hot lover tone' shit!

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cheece London
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marman Brighton
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mulimc Cheltenham

samthomas Skipping those flows bro! Sounding niceee

mulimc @samthomas Thanks bro


mulimc @sublingual

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paisley Liverpool
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innatej Gimme that Cash Coz bars I’ve got stacks Now I gotta get my cash to match In fact it’s mad that fact that dabbla had A Brapp track rap battle for me to smash Coz I’ve seen the tracks and other entries In fact there’s plenty But do they actually think that there MC’s? I’m here to take what’s mine Wanna hate that’s fine I know I’m keeping it century I’m climbing up the ranks winding up the cranks In my mind then I’m firing up no blanks As precise as skydiving into tanks When I devise nice rhymes and fill a bank Then climb and shine till I reach the top MCs’ll flop But I’ll flip and get to a beach that’s hot So Gimme what I’m owed Straightaway And makeway for innate j to glow

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cracklelung Farnborough
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cunch Bristol
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jehnsen Belfast
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azee1993 Bournemouth
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mattsharpey Enderby
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milver Oxford

Gimme that monkey rood lad
Beat by baileysbrown
Big up the potentfunk gang. Gimme that comp entry opportunity #stillfresh #brapptv #potentfunk


fostered Oi oi my brother that was decent

milver @fostered thanks for listening bro

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haterid @tegzilla

wonkus Yeee boiii

haterid @wonkus thanks man big up

jango “Like buying nice food and feeding the poor with it”

haterid @jango gotta make the small changes to make the big ones


haterid @mattysmith393 big up bro

fostered Naughty man

haterid @fostered Cheers dude appreciate it

evademusic Big bars man respect

haterid @evademusic thanks dude big up

milver Aaaayyy! Respect going down the responsible route with the verse man.

haterid @milver Cheers man appreciate the love

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thedampgod London
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gingeftw Andover
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agentorange Plymouth

Agent Orange - Gimmie remix
Beat by baileysbrown
My entry to Potent Funk’s Gimmie competition, much love! #stillfresh #brapptv #potentfunk


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cunch Somerset

Gimme Dat Freestyle
Beat by baileysbrown
My competition entry for the gimme dat freestyle, vless up


cunch #dabbla @baileysbrown #highfocus #potentfunk #rap #bars

cunch #stillfresh

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waynewebster87 Bristol
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MC Artist
Beat by baileysbrown
Here is my entry big up eveyone who entered. #StillFresh #Brapptv #PotentFunk


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mcluchalibre Fribourg

baileysbrown Dope!! Upload to Instagram g and tag me and potent funk

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donmobrule Lincoln

DoN - gimme 16 bar
Beat by baileysbrown
Shout out to baileys and potent funk!


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el_bizzy Bristol
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sublingual Gloucester

Gimme that Mic
Beat by baileysbrown
Here’s my 16 for the PotentFunk “Gimme Gimme” Comp! Had a lot of fun with this one! #StillFresh #BrappTv #PotentFunk... read more


jusjordc4g best one yet imo. ratins.

sublingual @jusjordc4g Big ups my G


sublingual @waynewebster87 Safe bro

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petermumbla Blockley
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boomsyspitsbars When you lot announcing !!!!!!!

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User @rsm's avatar
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boomsyspitsbars @potentfunk@baileysbrown#gimmethat

boomsyspitsbars #brapptv

boomsyspitsbars #toungetwist#freestyle#lol

boomsyspitsbars The beats live

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lispyj Haverfordwest

Gimme that entry
Beat by baileysbrown
Sorry for the bad audio, my phones is broken af #StiffFresh #BrappTv #PotentFunk big ups for the opportunity


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ajleckz @baileysbrown this riddim is cold g

baileysbrown Fiire bro!! Killed it!! Upload to Instagram and tag me and potent funk