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Brapp Beat by @lrd: "Freestyle Part 20"

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Freestyle Part 20
Tagging EVERY vocalist on this app. Get involved.



ptredeyez Oiiiiiiiiiii

lastdisciple awe this is dirrrty bro... only 1 vid ... got mcs ducking for cover out here#

lrd @divineson Trust me

penfoldpoet Jheeze!!! I got this....

lrd #beggars2017

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We was on BBC4 This past weekend freestyle
Beat by lrd
Shout out to #RodneyP!! He came through the cypher my team and I host out here in NYC. LEGENDARY CYPHERS. It was an... read more


bjornmajestik This freestyle has nothing to do with my caption tho. Hahaha I'm just baked and I just remembered to mention it to y'all. @lrd you stay blessing the app. Much respect!

lrd Killing it bro. We're gonna have to get a track made

bjornmajestik @lrd I'm down hit me with a message through Instagram. I'm working on a project now that we can put something on.

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monochrome Jhhheeeezeeee!

mcsas Yes bro

lowpitch @mcsas respect brother

planky Tight dude!!

lowpitch @planky saaaafe man

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penfoldpoet More Fire!

innatej Nice!

percyfilth Bang

domin8tion S.A.S

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boneintell New Jersey

_robbyb Than come fuck wit me haha your friendly neighborhood FN

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nikimukhi @eightysix @lrd



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penfoldpoet London
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iamsaintpaul @lrd when i come back it's fucking over! Level up rebel turn the bass n the treble up!

penfoldpoet Bars!

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lrd Wooooiiiii this is the winner #soledxb

kaynashar Yes LR had to give you this one

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boneintell New Jersey

lrd killin it


nebula_beatz Fire