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Brapp Beat by @litework: "Stilla"

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harvsletoad thanks man

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bigrema Litework bro

mrconcept Nice

thatkidilla @mrconcept ty brother

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budabapbeats real talk. I just moved from Seattle after my wife studied there for a year. The Seattle freeze is legit... it’s all the awkward tech nerds.. I got love for Seattle though

freemason @budabapbeats they are all from other areas lost in Seattle. We were already cold so it’s only got worse. New money isn’t a good look!

budabapbeats @freemason I agree. It’s kind of a big city problem. People migrate all over

budabapbeats @freemason I’m in Chicago now and it’s just as hard to find community. It’s a strength and a weakness to be so mobile.

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