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Brapp Beat by @bennyaves: "Hip Hop Beat 147"

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foreignbeggars Oooh might just have to hit this one

123diggy @foreignbeggars had to jump on it too 👊🏾

djevidenz Love it

raad 👊🔥💯

notesproducer Sick beat

Videos on Hip Hop Beat 147

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foreignbeggars Jumeirah

lrd 💥💥💥

tonyceasar Sick 👊👊

futurarhymez That. was. wicked!!✌🏼

bennyaves yes mate, this album was what got me into hip hop - big up!

benza Use to love this tune! It was all about the mad contrast between a 'happy go lucky' beat and this lyric about "rape,bugger n pillage the whole of ya mums village" haha SICK

drain16 Too cold ❄️❄️

nebula_beatz Good job dude !

koryus Good My Friend !!!

madengo #fassiesonblacktie 😂 #trulyvintage #respect🙌🏽

kyanites Let's collab

notesproducer Dope

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