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Brapp Beat by @dosgringos: "DOS GRINGOS - FALLING OVER"

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double_s_415 I just fell over listening to this

dosgringos @double_s_415 haha joker

double_s_415 Loving this one bro.

knrs FIRE!! Nice man!


User @kasandajulah's avatar
kasandajulah Hempstead

kasandajulah LYRIIIIIICS Mate!!!!

User @blksn's avatar

dosgringos Big up

grillo <3

djevidenz Heavy flow

blksn Thanks guys! Keeping it real for y'all !

dharmonk_beats No idea what ur sayin but sounds like a mad flow man props

blksn Thanks a lot! Basically it's a storytelling about me and how was and is my approach with rap!

User @seandeanartist's avatar

jazkahina Sick bro

seandeanartist Big up sis !

dosgringos Yo this was sick mate! Big up

seandeanartist Thanks g loved the beat

kbeeoriginal Heavy fam

seandeanartist Thanks playa !