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Brapp Beat by @leafdog: "its going on (comp beat)"

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its going on (comp beat)
@brapp I’m looking to collab on a track for release on as part of The Brighton Music Conference complain alongside... read more


geebag This beat bangs!

illuminative @leafdog gonna rip this later

jakemelo Lekta with the ill flows on this check it!!

submerc ayyy check it out


bilshot I dropped my verse but the beat has disappeared here's the link incase I done it wrong

bilshot Figured it out my new Link with beat is here


submerc oh dang, tis almost the day of reckoning

illdando quick 16 on some LeafDog Fire!! Props for listening!

submerc yoyo so when and how do we find out who has one this here ting?

likkulrip Reality in Poetry

ganjachickens Is there anyway i can buy this track or download it on my PC. Safe (G)

cashus Get on this son @elhawk

tytun Maximum respect @leafdog!! Is this competition still running?

glasz Smooth beat. Chill vibe let's see what i can do with it!

Videos on its going on (comp beat)

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osyrus Damn he is good !

bilshot @osyrus thank you bro! Glad you like it


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ruderalis Respect @geebag

geebag Safe @ruderalis you still going brixton studio?

ruderalis @geebag nah bro - I got no lab right now- Rebs had to give that shit up an get a real job :( tryna find a decent engineer to work with

ruderalis Peak times brv


leafdog thats dope

djevidenz Yeah sick

geebag Ha ha!! I was having a laugh. @raad, @leafdog, @djevidenz Safe

engineercooks DOPE. peep the beats.

geebag You good too @engineercooks

peaky Hard!! As usual

geebag safe @peaky

sofaking Illness as standard

hollyflo Yes bruv

mrkellymusic Nice one Gee!

nikkyg Love da verse u have just set the bar right up there bro

geebag respect sis @nikkyg

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amonv Paris
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milver Nice verse man.


viciouscreep doope!!!

iamlinguistics @milver thank you bro

iamlinguistics @raad

iamlinguistics @viciouscreep safe geez!

bee Such truth in this! Love it


rebelaca Very nice g

iamlinguistics @bee @starseedbeats @tigerlight @rebelaca thank you

engineercooks DOPE. peep the beats.

geebag you smashed it! Nice flow

bgfrecords Dope stuff! We want to bring you some value, DM us on insta @bgfrecords!

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Back on my De Ja Vu
Beat by leafdog
Shouts to leafdog on the beat and the competition fort i'd have a spin. #manchester #leafdog #comp #briggz #bison ...


lrd Killed it. Gotta get you on one of mine bro.

bisonbriggz @lrd thanks mate i laced one of yours the other day mate but the app kept crashin lemme try load that now

lrd Haha typical. Kl. I'll look out for it.

vard Nice man

eightysix PROPPA.... BIG

viciouscreep jhhheeeeeeeez.......BRAPP

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FuturaRhymez (comp entry 2016)
Beat by leafdog
Little somet I wrote for the competition got there in the end "TAKE 50!!" Hope you enjoy massive shouts to @leafdog... read more


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Beat by leafdog
Gimme a sick beat by @Leafdog and I'm gonna fill it! Didn't have time for the shoutout in he video, so thanks for... read more


lrd Big

innatej @lrd cheers man

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kinross Marbella
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casb Belo Horizonte

Cas.B showin off freestyle 10
Beat by leafdog
Yo whats good fam! Im lovin your beats and also have a movement called worldWideconnects with a branch in the uk. Im... read more


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tywhite Pittsburgh
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Beat by leafdog
Wow . Almost freestyle with pinky for almost 8 hours lol . Just clocked . Mad ting wavey night first time in a long... read more


lilsmooth @lilsmooth Follow for beats every beat just ask

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shanetrypz Wicked bro.

afrodancapo Thank man @shanetrypz

miccalibre Barz!

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futurarhymez Lyrical destruction!! @submerc big ups!


miccalibre Hella Dope!

milver Tight

submerc tanks for dem comments breddas!

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lrd Big

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casualness Canada



casualness Yes lions :)

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lrd Yesss

miccalibre Dope

sleepytimeghost BIG UP FAM

gold1ne Man like Zico!!

myronanthony Good stuff man

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Catalogged practised
Beat by leafdog
Love the beat thought id have a little fun . Big up producer . Beat is


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casualness Montreal
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barryquango Flow is dope bro

illdando Props for checking it out bro!


illdando Cheers bro!

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b_clever Yoooooo, you both smashed it! Feel free to bless 1 of my beats with that

dsgryme Aaaaay, so nice... Like @b_clever said I would be more then honoured of you would vibe to some of my beats

docskeng jheeez!! Check my beats and follow me back please!

katblack Wow, thx so much @b_clever @dsgryme @abrahamlilson @scragdiggy!! I was showing Sky the app after rehearsal and we were just messing around...glad I posted it! I'll def chk out your beats!

b_clever Keep posting

newancients YO! Mad ill.

katblack Thanks guys!!!

timeoutbeats Niiiice

katblack Woot woot! Thx @timeoutbeats

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dtaeallday San Diego
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lrd Dope

fesa @lrd thanks dude that means a lot!!

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foreignbeggars vibez

1800_shadow Thank you brothers means a lot coming from you legends

connorjones So I don't give a fuck about a nerds chatter

foreverdayseven vocals

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bakes Nottingham
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nathzy01 Braaaaaaap

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nicked Noice

jonb1 big

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The Beginning
Beat by leafdog
First time I've ever had the balls to upload this, feedback would be very helpful. #UK #UKHipHop #Somerset


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tc Newcastle upon Tyne
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casualness France
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lrd Killed it

darksoul Nice one brothers @raad @lrd

grimson Nice

afrodancapo Killer


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sweettoothinnit The dopest mc

sweettoothinnit Warn recs got your ma wrecked on a park bench

keiosxlek doope broo !!

ruffriderinnit Cheers mate

im_floki boom... bap!!!!



jhimself A not so big dick

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lrd Sick

jimiriddlz Nice one buddy


geebag Heavy

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lrd Sick

jakemelo Thanks Lad

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tonyceasar @lrd Cheers bro! Glad you enjoyed it, respect!!

challis_uk Yeah that was ill!

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lrd Killed it bro

im_floki @lrd respect bro!!! your beats are next ;)

lrd I'll look forward to it!

charles_darwen Multis are hard bro!

im_floki @charles_darwin respect man much appreciated still learning all this!!!!

djvoyager Boom bruv sounding good there :)

im_floki @djvoyager respect bro didn't realise you had this lol

madengo Kuhblawww

im_floki @alexnstewart respect man!!!! more coming soon :)

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raad nice one mate.. just a heads up tho, u need to use headphones with a mic, otherwise you over dub the audio track coming out of the speaker

jigga thanks for the tip man will do in the future, thought it sounded funny

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geebag Noice

mrkellymusic Cheers Gee!

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Beat by leafdog
#bmc16 cheeky little entry on the off chance!


engineercooks DOPE. peep the beats.

viking Thanks bro, I will do for sure

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koryus Yeah Broo Good, My Sounds @koryus Big Up

challis_uk Frrrresh All about the U.S.P!

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lrd Sick

officialsevere Respect fam, I'll have yours up within half hour bro, I'm doing it over Sunday vibes ;)

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lrd Fucking murder!!!! You're gonna have to bless one of mine brother. This is

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Never Lost
Beat by leafdog
What up Brapp showing love from California on this Leafdog track, straight heat... #LoveTheUk #SoCal #LA #makingmoves... read more


koryus Nice, Check My Sounds @koryus Big Up

shawesh @koryus I'll definitely spit some bars to your beats brotha, thanks for the love

koryus With Pleasure Bro !