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Brapp Beat by @leafdog: "strange buy"

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foreignbeggars illi

00doylej01 Sick beat man

albarizza I am a fan x

jadehannah Hi i saw you're status on facebook. Im a female singer and would love to work with some people on backing or chorus in hip hop. Here's my you tube channel There is some where i'm singing and left the rest for an mc. Fair enough if this is not something you're looking for. peace :)

innatej Nice! Had to lay something on this


Videos on strange buy

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timeoutbeats Dope!!

az_mxb safe my dude


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casualness Canada
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casb Belo Horizonte

Cas.B showin off Freestyle 4
Beat by leafdog
Yo whats good fam! Im lovin your beats and also have a movement called worldWideconnects with a branch in the uk. Im... read more


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Will.B On a Leaf Dog beat
Beat by leafdog
Just a lil spit to leaf dogs beat. Check this out shuuuun


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tomryan Nice!!

rinsulin That hurs wavey g

eightysix BIG

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Leafy Beat
Beat by leafdog
Bars from a track #mustard #uk #ukhh #hiphop @leafdog Me Ft. Tourette's hands


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joesnowds Over Strange Buy by @leafdog

foreignbeggars ILL GUY!! Jheez


djevidenz Used to play your stuff on radio a few years ago. This deserves a follow

00doylej01 Jheezzzz! got dat flow down

quantumatics Dope!


mcsubliminal Loving that flow, big up leeds !!

mtpockets Nice flow g

whiteyboymush That Leeds ish big up

golddubs Wicked flow!

chesterp Bro I'm trying to reach you guys are you on Twitter? Follow me on there please so I can follow back and dm you! Sweet!

joesnowds @chesterp safe fella, just seen that now.

jpickz smashed it gd job

ludwigvandub poooooooooh

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lowlife Nice wit it!!

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Chemical Coincidence
Beat by leafdog
Wrote this to calm down one day


walton @leafdog

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