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Brapp Beat by @bigshamu: "Sinkin' Ship"

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percyfilth Nooice

nikimukhi Eughh

bigshamu @percyfilth @nikimukhi cheers guys!

mfvandal This is wicked, soon as I get my head phones I’m spitting on this

shamsawy DAMN !!

jdanproductions Levels

bettybeige Thanks for this! Hope you like my rough ramblings

bigshamu Thanks @mfvandal @shamsawy @jdanproductions

bigshamu big ups @bettybeige keep em coming!

agzillabeats That's fly... love it.. Zz.


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Traffic brapp
Beat by bigshamu
Stuck in traffic, love the beat!


bigshamu best way to kill time!

bradsterx ....fuck yeah!

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wezzly_kane Big up, BigShamu on the fire

bigshamu yes yes!

josiff That opening bar fucked me up big dawg!

wezzly_kane @josiff My G glad u like it dawg

josiff Optional("Heavy ")@wezzly_kane

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jaeger Sheffield

Old blind rasta skit
Beat by bigshamu


bigshamu yes yes!

jaeger Optional("")@bigshamu hope to do more with your beats bro they are just my flavour

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bigshamu this is dope

goodbrodatv I’m in love

pistu I wanna work wit u if possible...

bettybeige My email is

bettybeige Let me know what you’re thinking!

dkthebarber62 Voice is special

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nonsprod awesome

marston Optional("")@nonsprod thank you brother

bigshamu Dope, cheers for blessing this!

marston Optional("")@bigshamu pleasures mine brother, your beats and your bars are dope

ped Ho ho holy shit son, that was a gift man

marston @copiousbeats thank you brother

marston Optional("")@ped thank you brother , for the love and repost , bless ups

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aunty_roo_420 Birmingham

bigshamu This is dope!

aunty_roo_420 @bigshamu thank you the beat is

mckillerpagan Love this. . Have u got a Facebook ect too?

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bigshamu Where’s the beat?

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