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Brapp Beat by @lindenjay: "untitled"

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all live //// no samples


albarizza Loooove this xxxx

casablanca This is too nice!

sidthesloth well done lad

grillo Luv this

tdaly This is proper

newancients Keep the vibes alive brah

nikimukhi Sick!

ruckspin niiiice

ppat So fresh !

katblack Sweet beat!

dhuz All yours beats are reaaly good!!! :)

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nikimukhi That was nuts! Big up @gracesavage

citizenk @gracesavage sick

mrchisti Congrats on winning this years Group UK Beatbox Championships with Bells, you are truly one talented individual, smashed it

gracesavage @nikimukhi @citizenk @mrchisti Thaaaanks :D

timeoutbeats Nice!!

newancients Whoa! That was crazy

pleura_fe Bam @species_fe

raad Holy smokes!

lebreeze Wow! Too good

gi3mo Rrrrraaaa

gi3mo Was it expecting that

gi3mo *not

saulthesame ahh yeah.

skeptic7 talent!!

lindenjay yoooooo this is dope!!! yeaaaaaaaaa

eightysix Big .

gracesavage @lindenjay you're the dope

psyke Dope!

zaxxon Nice one!

pathjap ouuuu

leahvee Ahhmazing u are!!

lastdisciple special!

aemzo Ur tooooo sick

mixeta Soooo gooodddd

young40jim ahhh yeahhh!!!

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timeoutbeats Real talk!

lowpitch @timeoutbeats respect g!

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prysds Waiting patiently for this children of Zeus shizzzzle

grimtimez Gwarn

nikimukhi Feeling this loads!

raadrock I dig

themez Fuckin BADDD


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jyager This is dope g

dosgringos Nice bars feelin that

bro_quest @jyager; respect thanks for checkin in @dosgringos415; appreciated man

foreignbeggars On that camp lo flow

bro_quest @foreignbeggars; ha! #Luchini

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