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Brapp Beat by @skitzbeatz: "Deja Vu"

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funtcaseuk Boom!!

missmiakang This is fun!!

artisttytc Time to slaughter this

tazmajor Long time !. Stil sounding siick

sense16 Can I use this?! Just for a video on here?

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beeunreal Birmingham

Suck His Own Dick
Beat by skitzbeatz
We couldn’t not... buahahahaaaaa #dickheads #0121 #brum


illprophetelr haha, nice!

psyren Love this!!!

beeunreal Pfffft hahahaha nice one @illprophetelr @psyren

skandalbeatz Nuttas lol

beeunreal @skandalbeatz Baked ennit hahaha

skandalbeatz haha standardd

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3mb4 @skitzbeats

kbeeoriginal You kill it on grime fam

3mb4 Safe bro

3mb4 @grmdaily

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foreignbeggars Skills

diddz nuff respect! listened to you guys since day!

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ropez Na hold tite my don O dot!

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