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Brapp Beat by @djevidenz: "For Petes Sake"

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djevidenz Bless 4 the reposts @lastdoighung @brapp

djevidenz @raad much for the repost

raad @djevidenz 👊👊

djevidenz Thanks for the repost too @lastdoghung @illdando

lastdoghung Don't mention it. Another quality beat!

djevidenz @graciegrey thank much love

hazelkari This beat is huuuuugeeee

djevidenz @hazelkari ha ha much love, thank you

djevidenz Bless for reposting, much love @the187dog

Videos on For Petes Sake

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ptredeyez Office hours! It's business time! Haha

westyproducy sick

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Krafty - Relentless (freestyle)
Beat by djevidenz
... except people don't just swallow me at night. It's in the day time too. #Hiphop #ukhiphop #krafty #whatsbrappening


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djevidenz Yes big up bro, flipped many styles on this !

nikimukhi Sick! 👊🏽👊🏽

mskal dope !!!!

jazzychavo Salute from Athens!!!

mrclasik @jazzychavo salute kai s'esena adelfe!! One love

jazzychavo @mrclasik haha eisai o prwtos pou vlepw na milaei ellinika se auto to cypher!keep it up. peace!!!!!

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wates 🔥

djevidenz Yes man ! You killed it with flows bro. Stella looked like she enjoyed it too

raad @prysds @djevidenz 🔥👌

djevidenz @raad your being super supportive bro. Thank you

djevidenz Oh, had no idea you was defenders of style ? I was playing your stuff on radio in London years ago !! Big up

prysds Yeah man big up! 👊🏼

joeshire Finished like Steve irwin, jhhheeee!

budzggg hard

instance @prysds muddy g

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