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Brapp Beat by @djevidenz: "Current Currencies"

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Current Currencies
pushing my skiils to see how many ways i can incoperate a sample back into itself, with each peice dictating the... read more


sereouszbars Dope fam! Makes me wanna rhyme

geebag Real nice

djevidenz @geebag thanks G, a version without the drums is on the EP me and Ray Vendetta made together.

geebag I did a video to it just now but I think it’s not uploading cos it keeps crashing

djevidenz @geebag I was just about to say that’s my luck. But I can see the vid. Ill bro ! Over the moon you decided to bless one of mine. It’s great.

Videos on Current Currencies

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djevidenz fire bro

genghisdaze real

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tywhite Pittsburgh

djevidenz Yet again, thanks for hitting up the beats bro. If you ever write to any of them for Brapp. Then I might repost it on my insta

tywhite @djevidenz you’re welcome and thank you. I will keep that in mind. I might start putting my written work to a beat.

coldcarrotbeats Dope man!

tywhite @coldcarrotbeats thanks