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Brapp Beat by @adibanti: "Fresh Air"

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adibanti @jyager what you got for me bruhh?!

missmiakang Ooh la la

Videos on Fresh Air

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adibanti Thank youu!

dharmonk_beats wtf :/ try tinder yo :p

oab @djdharmonk :'D

adibanti Aha I don't think she needs it buddy. ;)

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Hunting Games: 100
Beat by adibanti
Hunting Games: Episode 2


jyager @Adibanti

nikimukhi Yess @jyager and @adibanti .... Dons with the Sunday morning fire

adibanti Yessss!!!! Smashed it!!!!!

dharmonk_beats yes yes!

djevidenz Killed it, u just made a classic lol

jyager @Adibanti thank my g.. Beats amazing

jyager @djharmonk blessings brother

jyager @djevidenz my g thanks bro

adibanti Bruv we have to record this

gramsofdroe DoPe! Reppin the dank!

newancients Whoah! Killah flow per usual cuhz

silverback So fucking good @jyager straight illing!

jyager @Adibanti lets do it bro

jyager @skrips big up g Dunknow

jyager @silverback thanks my g.

lowpitch Jheeeze man, fully smashed it! Mad flow, big up

jyager @lowpitch thanks my g

ricksta How did you not pass out? That was nuts bro real nice