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Brapp Beat by @emonthebeat: "Em on the Beat - Everybody Got To Learn (remix)"

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mulimc Cheltenham

Find motivation
Beat by emonthebeat
Wrote this Saturday to continue my challenge, but didnt have time to record it. I hope you enjoy . Big Up... read more


emonthebeat Again, good voice and lyrics. Have a listen to the track : Dead Prez - Be healthy. You have the same sort of energy. You should do a mixtape with like 10 tracks and put it out there. I’ll give u as many instrumentals as you want.

mulimc @emonthebeat Thank you bro, I listened to it, it’s hard. Thank you for the comparison Dead prez is sick , yeah man I’m going to planning it now. I appreciate that bro, I love your beats I’ve got three already that I would like to use, the ones I made Brapps to red chilli, reflection and everybody’s got to learn. I’m sure you’ve got some others that I’d love, my emails hit me up bro

emonthebeat I’ll send you the beats. Use to promote yourself. Make yourself a nice Mixtape with like 10 tracks. Have a nice cover for it and give out some free cds . I haven’t cleared any samples for the red hot chilli track and everybody gotta learn, so just use them for promotion only.

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larry Bars

_hansolo_ Nice!

emonthebeat Flow go hard on this one

majincraft God damn

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cock st thomas church garretts green