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Brapp Beat by @bangzy: "Bangzy - Militia"

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Bangzy - Militia
Dubai Producer Trap Braap


onelion_sound Dope

sosouthern Sick

jyager The Drop.... Got me zoning

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bangzy Nice one man sick flow

cobes Took his burger and yammed it whole, a rudeboy's gotta eat...!!!

joegutta Woooiiii!!! Killed it

koryus NICE #@%* !

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bangzy Dope ! Thanks man

gi3mo Nice one bruvva beat is

nosh_dwp This needs more love.

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jyager @bangzy

just_joe Ya just keep bringing it man

jyager @just_joe thank bro big up

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inja @bangzy sorry I got your name wrong in the link bro but the beat is too much!! Big ups

inja #bangzy

inja #militia

bangzy Haha it's all good man, thanks for liking the beat yo