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Brapp Beat by @daihard: "McFarland"

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First Take
Beat by daihard
First Submission on this app


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daihard ...well, this just blew me away.

thesoulsinger @daihard Thanks. Glad you dug it. This beat was so funky I had to jump on it. There will be more. You make some beats bro

daihard Appreciate that my man looking through ur vids, I know u can adjust to any tempo and turn a beat to a banger! So looking forward to it

thesinger Bro this is so dope . I think this is the first time we’re on the Brapp charts at the same time too.

thesoulsinger @thesinger Thanks bro. I think you’re right


thesoulsinger @mrconcept Thanks. Appreciate that

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daihard Killed it!!!

daruffpoet @daihard salutebrother

thesoulsinger as always my dude

daruffpoet @soulsinger21 salute brother