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Brapp Beat by @jdanproductions: "Real Talk - HipHop/BoomBap"

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nikimukhi Nuts!!

jdanproductions Thanks @nikimukhi

milver Sooped up!

biship420 Bravo!!! Now that's just the type of sound im looking for

jdanproductions Respect @milver @biship420

beniiblanco This is fire

jdanproductions Respect @benzurbi85

rizz Mad

thebreaks Gnarly

jdanproductions @rizz Thanks fam

jdanproductions @thebreaks Respect bro

joshuadavid Word up! ILL man. God bless!

aziegotbeats fire

jdanproductions Optional("")@joshuadavid thanks man

jdanproductions Optional("")@aziegotbeats Respect fam

Videos on Real Talk - HipHop/BoomBap

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dylreed Canada