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Brapp Beat by @jca: "That Isn't Peanut Butter"

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witnessmc DOPE!

chesterp That's lovely brother

jca @chesterp @witnessmc Nice one brothers

mskal good job dude........

budhoundz Soo sick!!!

eightysix Sounds real nice

jca Thanks again everyone, hold tight more to come.

chesterp You should give @eightysix some beats to use for his project! Mongo meet James!

jca @eightysix cool man send me an email and ill send you some stuff over i'm allways up for working.

eightysix @jca have done . nice one

emceegoldy @jca this tight bro, I'm in the process of putting a mixtape together in QLD Australia and always to keen to colab with beat makers with the I'll shit. Any chance you could share a few beats with me via email and I'll see what I can create out of em? Email is keen as to work with ya mates

heartspare so nice !

Videos on That Isn't Peanut Butter

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psyren Dover

When All is Said and Done(inspired by @shotstoppa)-PsyReN
Beat by jca
So massively inspired by this beat and @shotstoppa coz his bars were fire and i really felt em so wanted to do a... read more


shotstoppa Smashed it!! Big up. I feel to carry on and write more. That sik beat and vibe.

psyren @shotstoppa thanks man! You should definitely keep going with it, yours was honestly fire! And I agree, that beat though

shotstoppa @psyren yo, thank you. Really great that you found something from my words and shared, created what was within you. if you want to collab -

psyren @shotstoppa yo! Haven’t been online for a little while, I’ll definitely pop you an email at some point when shits less hectic! And for sure man your stuff was inspiring! XD peace man

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