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Brapp Beat by @saulthesame: "FireSide"

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something quick and simple i made today #dts #hiphop #smooth


jayeff Kinda Flofilz-esque, love it gonna write some bars to this.

harvsletoad Yo set me this 111111!!!

genghisdaze This is dope as

casablanca Yes saul!

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saulthesame My g.. Heat

vitaminggg Safe bro @saulthesame

budzggg pukkkaaaa

budzggg life presents you lemz

vitaminggg @budz light it up!

elaymusic Sick!

lrd This is fire. We need to work bro!

timeoutbeats Killed it!!

vitaminggg @lrd safee man, yhyh drop me a email !!

iomega Big

illuminative Yo fucking don

dubble_ggg Sicko

bgfrecords Oh, really nice flow. Wanna bring you some value! DM us on insta @bgfrecords!

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saulthesame Big upssss! Nice g

thatkidilla @saulthesame safeeeee bro

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el_jistos Can't edit the spelling error I made on your name on my crappy old phone brosef @saulthesame

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Been aWhile
Beat by saulthesame
Just wrote a new one, figured I'd give her a share. 7thdown beautiful as always!


nicked Fucking strong message

timeoutbeats Feeling this! Big up

hi_jak Cheers G's!

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