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Brapp Beat by @hank_hiller: "MORE BEEDIES"

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challis_uk Dope beat bredda

hank_hiller Safe man @challis_uk

vard Jheeeze

j90 Damn nice

paslow Smooth shit, I can rock with this

elhawk Love that crackle



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foreignbeggars Always come correct illi

prysds Man like beggars tho @foreignbeggars

ukdistinction @foreignbeggars Yo Pav these guys holding it dooown for the North!

prysds Safe gav!

hank_hiller Heavy @prysds

foreignbeggars Yeah man I see that shit.. Prysds is well ard

prysds Humbled bruv @foreignbeggars

dosgringos Killin shit!!

chesterp Defenders of style always come heavy big up you guys, proper Yorkshire like!

prysds @chesterp bless bro! Means a lot coming from you bro!


ukdistinction @ashes57 oi oi

epzmekanizm Too sick!

silverback Dope

skyhighatrist one of the steeviest first verses I've heard

prysds Steeviest?

skyhighatrist steezy you c'yunt

harvsletoad Proper steevy

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shereedubois This beat... Oooh @hank_hiller

hank_hiller Powerful voice, big ups!

shereedubois Thank u mayn, dope beats boi, might have to write a lil tune one day x

hank_hiller Yeah I look forward to it hit me up on soundcloud if you got it? x

shereedubois Yeah, I'm really shiate on soundcloud lol. Found & followed you tho, have no idea how to msg lol

genghisdaze Great voice!!!

shereedubois Thank u, one luv x

grillo Soo good

shereedubois x

mrchisti Wow, incredible!!

jyager Amazing I love this... What a vibe

witnessmc Really rate that!!

missmiakang Amazing!!!

dsgryme I like

dsgryme Would u be kind enough to bless a few of mine, that's if they're suited to your style

shereedubois Sure mayn @dsgryme, when I get rid of this cold lol thanks for the luv x

hans2g Tu d├ęchires!! Keep going

shereedubois Thanks lovely @hans2g

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trickzy @hank_hiller #rap #freestyle #bars #new

trickzy Bless for the repost @markymarkosa

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missmiakang Haha love you Tuhin

anicesouvenir Love you big guy. You rap how I felt last night!

hank_hiller Eheheh yess

mrchisti Love u too @missmiakang thanks @anicesouvenir just tellin em how it is much love @hank_hiller, beats be butter...

sumgii Hahaha 616 gang

tomryan Haha this is sick man!

dharmonk_beats sooo dope

ainaroxx Yes!!

mrchisti Thanks guys! @ainaroxx I did this right after we spoke on the phone on Sat night ;)

lindenjay cheez

User @bennyzenn's avatar

hank_hiller Killed it man! Big up

challis_uk Yeah man noice