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Brapp Beat by @drzygote: "Gristle"

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djmk DirrrrrrrtY

sumgii @djmk . Sick app innit.

drzygote @djmk

djmk @sumgii nice one for showing me bruv

normoddity So sick

Videos on Gristle

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hank_hiller Haha yeah!

gizmo Sick

sosouthern Sick new concept for brapp, you absolute G


evalazarus Yassss hunty! This is the one!!! I wanna see some more writers up in here on this 1 minute dub challenge! Boss movements!

jyager Trust me where's all my graffers at!!!

graziella Tooooo sick!!!

joecain Buy buy Instagram!!

chromeandblack Yes yes!

leafdog sick mans gona have to get on that still

rogueethic YOU AINT REDY

foreignbeggars @rogueethic come then!!

foreignbeggars @divign

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djdaredevil Boom!!

geebag Quality Olly

foreignbeggars Badman!

oliversudden Cheers gang

geebag Need to do a dynamic duo suds!

insight Here he is!

oliversudden Yeah Gee lets do it! Big up Insight

lewmatic yes!

mskal nice!!!!

djivan6 Yuh muuuun

oliversudden Much love fam



benza Love it bro! Smashed it check my bars sometime..would be appreciated. Maybe a future collab? Lol let us know Brother! Peace

smalls oi oi

ashtheauthor Cronx specialist

lewmatic that fed code shit...amazing!

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jyager @drzygote



jyager @drzygote big up brother beat had me traveling

drzygote Alien business @jyager

jyager #drzygote im doing a whole series bro.. That's episode 3

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jyager @jman sick g

latenightkungfu Resident of jankroville!

casablanca Nasty!

dempsey @jman "I ain't a man to steal,unless I'm rolling with my merry men"