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Brapp Beat by @trip_hakksaww: "Trampolines"

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kusht Walker

Old bars
Beat by trip_hakksaww
Some old bars, but the beat gave me the vibe.


trip_hakksaww That’s my dog!

legion89 Had to spit a second verse to this G

legion89 Go holla on it so people can check out your part from mine, I couldn’t find a way to link you to it bro

legion89 I found a way bro and utilised the shit out of it

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legion89 Sunderland

@kusht collab
Beat by trip_hakksaww
Some old bars, but @kusht’s vibe to this beat gave me the vibe, peace bro #@kusht #collab #motherfuckingfire... read more


trip_hakksaww Hell yeah, album time!

legion89 Keep those ears peeled my G

legion89 @trip_hakksaww just think, if you never made this beat, this would never have happened... respect bro

kusht Kush N Legion in your ear holes!

trip_hakksaww I love the power of creation! And I particularly did this beat with the mc’s I’ve heard around Brapp in mind...

legion89 MY G @kusht

legion89 That’s love right there @trip_hakksaww, keep at it man!