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Brapp Beat by @curtcataract: "Solar Diamonds"

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oab Heat

heartspare Great ambiance !

curtcataract Safes @oab and @heartspare

sofaking This one

majestic Fuck off

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nikimukhi Sick!!

nikimukhi Hahaha


eightysix Did you say "I make Isis look like Haagen daz "? Fhukin pair of nutters

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fordz tyskie the drink of champions, sick cuts

curtcataract Killed it homie! you got the cutz

remulak Bangin!

jazzychavo aye!!

foreignbeggars bloooks

scratch4cash Nice

emceegoldy Sick

gig19 Aaaaaa that is ILL @kompoze

sicksixet killin it

djlethalskillz Fik Fiki Freessshhhhh!

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tomryan @curtcataract respect man, this is the sort of beat I can fornicate it

insight Finally! Someone did this beat justice.

tomryan @insight big up bro,appreciate that.beat is so dope,I could write to that shit all day long lol

lowlife Bad man lyrics!!

oab woooooooooo!

ruffriderinnit Rate your bars mate, flow and rhymes are absolutely sick feeling it

cyphercircuit You're the man. Glad to see you on here

tomryan @cyphercircuit big up!! I need to get back on couple of weeks and il be back on it hopefully.glad to see you on here also.UK to the USA

cyphercircuit Yeah man! We are trying to get out brand out there as much as possible. Slowly but surely!

tomryan @boombapfestival #boombapfestivalr2

tomryan #boombapfestivalR2

dseize Daaaymnnnn broooo

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