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Brapp Beat by @budhoundz: "Wilden (prod.Genghis Kronic)"

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emceegoldy This dope as bruh @krytpic3 genghis kronic comin with the ill

budhoundz @emceegoldy bless mate, much respect

thaprofessional So much steeeeez

budhoundz @thaprofessional Safe G

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In the roots!
Beat by budhoundz
Massive respect to @kryptic3 on the gullyy! Instrumental again!


drewdude fire son

budhoundz Saaaaafe bruva

futurarhymez Bless! @drewdude and @kryptic3 where you guys from!

budhoundz @futurarhymez just outside London man, place called Hertfordshire

futurarhymez Ahh I sorta know where you mean haha miles away from me but @kryptic3 we should get on a collab of the feeling the music!

budhoundz @futurarhymez yeah man we're always looking to collab with people, just putting together our ep atm, get you on it bro!!!

budhoundz Just hit us up with your details or summin man

klandestyne wikkid new cypher rhyme diggin them jazz ed up beatz @kryptic3

budhoundz @klandestyne safe bro!!

futurarhymez Nice one bro!!! Sounds awesome man I'm currently making my new EP aswell! @kryptic3 would love to jump on it thanks dad glad ya liking it! @klandestyne

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Let's work!
Beat by budhoundz
Massive respect going out too @kryptic3 on the dope ass beat again first experiment with the audio effects sounding... read more


drewdude love it fam!

futurarhymez Cheers bro! glad ya feeling @drewdude !


futurarhymez @kryptic3 loving the beats man! Hit me up with some details man get this collab on the go!

budhoundz @futurarhymez drop me an email