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Brapp Beat by @lastdoghung: "Back Home"

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newancients It’s been forever since I got on here. Life is just so damn distracting hahaha. Nice track bro gotta find time to go in on this

grjoemusic This is mad

lastdoghung @newancients cheers bro!

lastdoghung @grjoemusic

Videos on Back Home

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quantumatics Dope

lastdoghung Good to see you bro... quality as always

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lastdoghung Like that bro

shotstoppa @lastdoghung safe bro feelin' the beat, inspired me to write and flow on it.

samthomas This is my shit!

shotstoppa @samthomas safe bro

mckillerpagan Reap what the reapers eating

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mckillerpagan Peterborough
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tightflow215 Philadelphia