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Brapp Beat by @badhabitz: "Emil Beat"

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leafdog yo this is dope i reckon this one for sp rld ep

badhabitz @leafdog Yh man no doubt I'll send it over

dosgringos Banger!

firedog Real banger shit!!!

toxikla51 Dope

fdot1 Heavy!!

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challis_uk Dope!

hi_jak ill T!!

dosgringos Yessss! Big up verb twazzer!!!

badhabitz Big ups g!!

verbt @badhabitz beats real nice man

rinsulin Really nice g

silverback Wooooah @verbt @badhabitz

mcsubliminal Loving the beat + Verb never disappoints !

firedog This.... You... Your skills....

firedog Is fucking crazy... i could watch you all day just spitting rimes from that wonderfilled brain of yours <3

leafdog killed it t... we gona use this for the rld sp ep u wanna be on it?

djlok Boom!

verbt @leafdog yeah man, for sure

marston Dope

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Drunk Rap
Beat by badhabitz
I'm Tripping about this App and I am Drunk... Word Out ! #DrunkRap #Brapp #SoFun


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Blaze X Badhabitz
Beat by badhabitz
I walter white it yh i break it down bad


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tazmajor Sick