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Brapp Beat by @duggibeats: "Lone Soldier"

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sicksixetbeats man i need to hit this , phones bruck up :(

sicksixetbeats so dope, whats the chances of gettin this bro?

duggibeats Respect bro glad ya feeling the beat! big up, sure man you on a collab?

duggibeats @sicksixetbeats

sicksixetbeats yh man defo @duggibeats

duggibeats What's your e-mail bro @sicksixetbeats


duggibeats @sicksixetbeats Sent bro, look forward to hearing what you come with. peace

Videos on Lone Soldier

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jailz Livingston

duggibeats Appreciate you choosing my beat fam, big up

jailz @duggibeats anytime my dude

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